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 This week's blog is by one of our amazing dentists, Dr. Canda.

Do You Need a "Regular Cleaning" or a "Deep Cleaning"?
So let's say you need to pick up your hot date for tonight but your car is looking like the inside of a trash can.  You only have time to clean the parts of the inside that you can see; you toss all the trash, throw all your extra gym clothes and shoes in the trunk, and you only vacuum the outsides of the chairs and the floor mats.  What about underneath the chairs?  Or your trunk?  Or in that stupid crack between your chair and the center console?  Or, for girls, let's say you're into makeup and you need to use the same eye shadow brush for two different eye shadow colors.  You use a paper towel to get a majority of the first color off of the surface so you can put the second color on.  But what about deep inside that brush?

The same basic concept applies to a "regular cleaning" and a "deep cleaning".  Your gums form an open pocket right next to each of your teeth.  If those pockets are within the normal range of 1-3mm, a "regular cleaning", or a prophylaxis, is plenty because the pockets are shallow enough to clean what you can see or what's on the surface.  If your pockets are 5mm or above, you would most benefit from a "deep cleaning", or scaling and root planing.  You could do a "regular cleaning" but you won't get everything that's in those deep pockets.  That's where your dentist comes in.  A "deep cleaning" is much more involved where you may need some anesthesia for you to feel comfortable when we have to clean in those deep pockets.  (Side note: 4mm pockets are a warning that if you continue to progress in that direction, you may end up needing a deep cleaning.)  These are all just general guidelines and your dentist will be able to better inform you on the type of cleaning you'll need. you need to vacuum in between your chairs in your car?!  Or do you need to deep clean your makeup brushes?!


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